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insurance q's

does anyone here have COBRA???  
if so, can you tell me about it?  like - costs, how many hours you work/week and coverage? 


my parents actually have cobra. i don't know exact details (i'll ask them when i see them) but they are constantly complaining about how its too expensive, esp. the deductables. i'll let you know more when i find it out.
that sucks :(
I'm confused about your question. What do you mean- how many hours you work per week and coverage? If you're talking about the COBRA I'm thinking of, it's "gap coverage" that you pay for when you leave one job and wait to get insurance at your new job. You have to be eligible for insurance normally and have it when you leave your employment. By paying, you extend your insurance coverage while you look for new coverage (at a new job, or whatever.)

I believe it should be the same coverage as the insurance you had before you left the job. The only thing is that the price you pay for it doubles or even triples. When my husband was offered COBRA when he left his last job, the amount we paid went from $416/mo. to $1175/mo. (Well, it would have if we took the insurance. We decided to switch to mine for 3 months until he could get it at his new job.)
i'm really confused. i know i worked w/ partners before who had COBRA b/c they only worked 1 or 2 shifts a week at Sbux.
Yep, that's pretty much it. If you have health coverage, and lose it under certain circumstances (for instance at Starbucks, if you leave your job, or lose benefits during one of the audits), you are eligible for continuation of your coverage under COBRA.

It is MUCH more expensive. When you're covered under the regular coverage, you just pay a small contribution, and Starbucks ponies up the rest of the cost. With COBRA, you are paying the full cost on your own.