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qualities of a barista?

Hello! I'm not a barista, and have no prior experience working in a coffee shop but I'm considering applying to Starbucks as the Starbucks in my country is actively hiring. 

I'm not sure whether I'm suitable for the job though, so this is what I'd like to ask: what does this job demand? What do you think are the qualities that all baristas need? What does it take to be a barista?

Yep, I would really appreciate your advice and answers. :D Thank you so much!


hey! im a ex starbucks barista from singapore so i guess i know a little bit about the system.

Some people, like my mom for instance, thought that my job was only to make coffee and thats it. There is so much more than just blending ice and brewing coffee. Dont get me wrong, its the best part time job i have ever had and its fun. Its a bonus if you love coffee, because every once in awhile we have coffee tasting and stuff. I guess part of the job is to be very friendly and when customers give you shit, you can only smile but to me, the fun part outweighs the stupid things you have to endure. It saddens me that I had to stop working because i needed to concentrate more on school. It was awesome while it lasted :D

Why don't you just try and apply for it? You wouldn't know whether you're suitable for the job unless you try it out.

The ability to work well in a fast paced environment under stress! There will be times when you've got a long line of drinks and you have to really plan out how to best alternate from cold bar to hot bar to get everything done. If you're able to multitask, efficiently problem solve, and can stay calm when you get customers that throw bitch fits and take out the littlest things on you...then you're good! That's my take, at least.

Also, baristas pretty much do everything in the store. You will do more than making drinks and serving customers on the floor, since you will be cross-trained to clean bathrooms, verify the quantity of items from the shipments, do end-of-day deposits, etc.

Having never been retail-hourly, I cannot attest to the Barista experience without first-hand knowledge. If a line out the door (holidays! :D), spills and a dozen people asking you for stuff does not freak you out though, then go for it!

Be prepared to figure things out as you go, take care of situations fast and don't forget to have fun. Oh, and you will receive plenty of training at a store (at least in US) and coaching from other partners, so feel free to try applying ^____^.

I think the two biggest things are "pace" and "problem solving"... figure it out, and do it fast.

I guess you also have to not mind listening to yourself talk for 8 consecutive hours...
you need to have good customer service, the ability to learn drinks, be able to make drinks and help customers quickly and efficiently, be able to multitask, and be able to work with others under in what can be a stressful environment.
You should be a self-motivated hard-worker! My biggest pet-peeve about coworkers is when they stop working just because there's not a customer there. Any barista who keeps busy, does what they're told, and does what needs to be done w/o being told has my respect; all the other stuff you can learn, but a work ethic is something you should bring with you. =)
You need to
- enjoy a fast paced, stressed environment (like others mentioned)
- have good time management
(you will be given a list of tasks, and it is up to you to get them done)
- A good memory!
(Many people forget this. Memory comes in at all corners of the job. You have to know the recipes, remember customers, remember what tasks need to be done, and remember drinks being called to you)
- A very very positive attitude
- Excellent customer service skills
(You will be encountering the most ENTITLED customers. They will go to VERY FAR LENGTHS to drive their usually WRONG point across. This requires patience.)
- Coordination
(You will be making several drinks at once, trying to deliver personal customer service, calling back drinks orders, making sure your supplies are up, and somehow trying to get tasks done in between)
- A good sense of humour
(Sometimes, all you can do is laugh it off.)

That may not sound like heaven, and it isn't. But it's the best job I've ever had, and I've met the best people doing it. Have fun!
Memorisation, tolerance for assholes, and ass kissing. If you can't sweep or wash dishes, don't apply.
Being a barista means wearing many hats, as others have already said. Some shifts I don't even get to bar (make drinks) and I will be stuck ringing or floating. Management tries to avoid this and tries to rotate everyone, but it still happens.

You do have to do some gruntwork, like sweeping, a lot of cleaning, dishes, etc. I really love seeing our regulars and getting to know nice people, even if I do get some heinous entitled bitches.

The best part of the job is my fellow partners. I am fortunate to work in a fantastic store, and your management team and baristas make all the difference in how much fun you have on the job!!
I list starbucks on my resume this is my job description:
- Work individually and as a team to exceed the clientele’s expectations
- Produce satisfying results for clientele under extreme time constraints
- Multi-task
- Make a lasting impression, with quality service, one person at a time

meeting time lines, working as a team, strong communication skills, performance under pressure, being able to work independently without a lot of instruction or supervision, being able to communicate with a variety of people are all good skills to have - but they are also the skills you will develop and/or strengthen.

working the rushes are crazy and you have to keep your cool, while dealing with people asking you questions from many different directions and needing to communicate with your partners about the orders etc.

then, you have to swollow your pride and do things like take out the trash, cleaning dishes, cleaning the floors, stocking cups, wiping counters, and bussing tables.

working the slow times is tedious and you'll see a lot of partners who just stand in front of the register or bar waiting for the next customer to come in. It takes self-motivation to look for what you can do to keep busy - and a lot of that is the remedial cleaning stuff, or making mixes for the next rush, filling ice, tidying the pastry case etc.

To me, everyone will get through the rush - it takes practice sometimes, but you'll make it - working the slow periods and keeping busy makes the best partner to work with. Your store stays clean, customers are happy because they are walking into a clean environment, no one person has the burden of tidying up, and you get to joke around, sing songs, or do other laid-back things while you work.

the best thing about starbucks though is the variety of people you work with. everyone brings their own qualities and quirks and personalities and that makes the best work environment when you like the diversity of that store's location.
Pick a store you visit because you like the customers and the workers and you'll be good. Get a job at a store in a neighborhood you don't like going to and you'll be miserable. But that's just my opinion.