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Chonga Bagels...

I'm trying to figure out where exactly these mysterious pastries are available. Is it only the pacific northwest of the US? So let's take a poll.

Do you have them? And where are you?

I'm in Pennsylvania and I've never seen such a thing. lol


we have them in Denver, Colorado!
Not in Westminster! Or at least not at my store.
hmmmm, edgewater (22nd & Sheridan) had them at least a year ago, although I haven't been there in a while, but I know that in wheat ridge at 38th & Kipling had them just today, and may I say, they are delicious!
Yeah, rumor has it that we used to have them but the only people who ever ate them were partners so my SM stopped ordering them. That was all before my time though cause I just moved to Denver in September, so I have never known the wonder of the Chonga bagel.
Used to have them in Austin, TX, but our former SM stopped ordering them because they made the rest of the pastries smell like garlic.

I think I've seen them still at other stores in Austin.
we sell them at our austin store! and they totally make everything smell and taste like garlic! ICK!
We have them. And they -Never- sell! I'm in Texas
We have them in Arizona, and WE LOVE THEM! At least my store/customers do. :-) They are soooo good warmed with cream cheese. :-D
I miss our Chonga Bagels so so much =(

they were my favorite weekend treat!! Nobody really bought them, so my SM stopped ordering them!! =(

(for those of you that don't have them, Chonga bagels are Cheesy Onion and Garlic Bagels.. with some poppy seeds... SO SO AMAZINGGG!!)
that sounds so good...
Where in AZ?? Never heard of them until I went to Seattle WA these bagels are amazing my mouth is watering now thinking about it haha
We have them in Portland, OR and we also had them in Tacoma, WA when I first started five years ago.
I was thinking the same thing - they had them when I was in Tacoma. The Metropolitan market used to carry them too.
But now that I'm back in Ottawa (Ontario) I see them no more. Waaaaah.
And they seem to be very popular here in Portland!
!! Dude. People get ANGRY when we toss out the dry chonga bagels at 3pm. (When they come in at 8pm and DEMAND a bagel). it's ridiculous.

Also: I like them with butter, rather tham cream cheese. So good. They also make the best sammiches.
And bagel chips!
I long for a Chonga Bagel. I used to have then all the time when I lived in Seattle. Now I have to cope with only having an Asiago Bagel down here in San Diego. I miss the poppy seeds. *sigh*
We could have them at our store (Dallas, Texas area) but my SM stopped ordering them. Good riddance I say. ^^
I'm in the Dallas, TX area too, and we sell them.
I'm in Boston and I've never seen such a thing.
i've worked in boston, ma and southern nj and have never heard of them
Wth is a chonga bagel? lol
Cheese, onion, garlic and poppy seed :)
Denver has them! They smell amazing when you warm them. :)
love them! had them everyday when i went to Seattle this past summer. unfortunately we dont have them here in NYC. i wish though.
We have asiago cheese and theyre amazing!
I wish my store had those! I freakin love asiago.
Vegas has them :)
Haha, chonga bagel? Nope, not here. Not even a chola bagel.
I lol'ed
Ugh. We have plain and multigrain (with RAISINS?!). They come from Brooklyn and they're sub par. Considering we're a midtown Bux, it makes me sad.
That's what the stores on Long Island get too. I don't understand why our bagels suck when every bagel place around here is delicious.
We had them in Seattle when I worked there, but sadly Santa Monica/Los Angeles doesn't seem to get them :( It would be nice to have them though, we get requests for onion/garlic bagels at LEAST twice a day at my store
Houston, Tx.

but not at my store. And Chonga bagels make your entire pastry case smell like Garlic. DNW
too true. i hate opening the pastry case and all you smell is the chonga bagels.
I'm in Portland, OR and we have them!

I've frequented various parts of California (San Francisco to San Diego) and some of them have never heard of Chonga Bagels.
We've got them in Tulsa, OK.

I did not have them in Boston, MA or anyplace in RI (Just plain and multigrain) and I didn't see them the week I worked in WI.
We've got them too but my manager hardly ever orders them now cause they wouldn't sell. (south texas)