french feminine form of 'may God protect' (84trillion) wrote in baristas,
Dress code policy questions are everyone's favorite, right? :)

So, the shifts at my store tend to be in various levels of disagreement about the dress code policy - and most of them simply because they don't actually seem to know it. The first day I wore boots to work outside of my pants (I had previously worn floor length skirts which covered my boots every. single. day. because I'm really self conscious, and skirts make me feel better about this), one of my shifts tried to tell me I was violating dress code. I told her politely that I thought that it was fine, as I was wearing black leather boots with no other colors and no canvas or heels, and if she could check the policy before asking me to change my shoes/writing me up, I'd appreciate it. She dropped the issue, and as my manager has never said anything but "those boots sure are some shit kickers!", I've never really found this to be a problem.

But the boots aren't really my issue. I did want to demonstrate that I have been, in some of my shifts' eyes, pushing the rules a little - even though I haven't. I do wear unconventional clothing to Starbucks, because no one else wears skirts - although I think this might be because they aren't sure if this is allowed. No one else wears big, scary, black leather boots like I do, either. (They do wear mary-janes and other things that expose the tops of their feet, which I feel is a safety concern, but whatever.)

Outside of the 'Bucks, I am really into Lolita fashion. I have been toying with the idea of incorporating this into my Starbucks apparel casually - wearing an inexpensive, knee length, black skirt that happens to have a few bows on it and is a bit fuller (no petticoat, as is popular in Lolita fashion), and a collared black or white top with lace on the sleeves and perhaps a bow here or there. I don't think there is anything in the dress code policy against embellishments on clothing - and if it was my clothing that I was free to ruin at Starbucks, and inexpensive to boot - there is a Lolita company called Bodyline that no longer sucks and sells clothing for about the same price as my work clothes now - would this be okay on the Starbucks end?

This is an example of the skirt and top I was thinking of buying for this little venture:

This skirt in black, this blouse in black.

Thoughts? I suppose I could just bring this in to my manager and ask him. ^^ But I figured I might as well ask here, too, in case anyone had any pearls of wisdom to add.
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