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Dress code policy questions are everyone's favorite, right? :)

So, the shifts at my store tend to be in various levels of disagreement about the dress code policy - and most of them simply because they don't actually seem to know it. The first day I wore boots to work outside of my pants (I had previously worn floor length skirts which covered my boots every. single. day. because I'm really self conscious, and skirts make me feel better about this), one of my shifts tried to tell me I was violating dress code. I told her politely that I thought that it was fine, as I was wearing black leather boots with no other colors and no canvas or heels, and if she could check the policy before asking me to change my shoes/writing me up, I'd appreciate it. She dropped the issue, and as my manager has never said anything but "those boots sure are some shit kickers!", I've never really found this to be a problem.

But the boots aren't really my issue. I did want to demonstrate that I have been, in some of my shifts' eyes, pushing the rules a little - even though I haven't. I do wear unconventional clothing to Starbucks, because no one else wears skirts - although I think this might be because they aren't sure if this is allowed. No one else wears big, scary, black leather boots like I do, either. (They do wear mary-janes and other things that expose the tops of their feet, which I feel is a safety concern, but whatever.)

Outside of the 'Bucks, I am really into Lolita fashion. I have been toying with the idea of incorporating this into my Starbucks apparel casually - wearing an inexpensive, knee length, black skirt that happens to have a few bows on it and is a bit fuller (no petticoat, as is popular in Lolita fashion), and a collared black or white top with lace on the sleeves and perhaps a bow here or there. I don't think there is anything in the dress code policy against embellishments on clothing - and if it was my clothing that I was free to ruin at Starbucks, and inexpensive to boot - there is a Lolita company called Bodyline that no longer sucks and sells clothing for about the same price as my work clothes now - would this be okay on the Starbucks end?

This is an example of the skirt and top I was thinking of buying for this little venture:

This skirt in black, this blouse in black.

Thoughts? I suppose I could just bring this in to my manager and ask him. ^^ But I figured I might as well ask here, too, in case anyone had any pearls of wisdom to add.


Oh! God, the boot thing! I wore these platform boots for six freaking months and then ONE DAY I wore them with my pants tucked into them and the ASM freaked out and told me I couldn't wear them. I asked her to show me where in the dress code it said I couldn't since my SM was okay with them and she couldn't respond. I found out later that she went ABOVE my SM to the DM to make it so I couldn't wear the boots I'd been wearing for the last 6 months anymore. I had to get new shoes and I was totally pissed. I still kind of am. I loved those boots and I loved wearing them to work.

I still don't see how they were outside of dress code and "dangerous" as they told me. Yes they were platform, but no they didn't have a height difference between the ball of my foot and the heel. :/
I'd be more worried about them being slip resistant, which is the only reason I stopped wearing boots to work.
Well, yes. But after four years I have my first pair of slip resistant shoes, so that really wasn't a concern for me at the time.
I meant if I were your shift. And again, that concern would come from being a boot wearer for years. When I worked for Pizza Hut I had to make the switch because I nearly killed myself at least twice. When I started with the company my old shift used to wear docs. I don't understand why people give a shit about boots, other than slip resistance is what my tl;dr reply is saying.
Ah, got it. Well, that wasn't what the "reason" they gave me. The reason was simply that they were unsafe with no explanation. And again, I'd been wearing them forever and she only said something when I tucked my pants into them. *shrug*

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The only dress code policy I've ever heard about embellishments on clothing was that it couldn't have any trailing parts (lace or flowing sleeves that could dip into something or hit something) and it couldn't prevent you from doing your job. Those things in mind, I don't see why either of items you listed wouldn't be ok. Solid colors, no trailing parts, etc. :)
If I had a Lolita barista, I'd tip double.

In terms of dress code, though, I don't see a single thing wrong with either of those options except the tucking in of the shirt. Even when wearing a skirt, tucking in your blouse or shirt is required in the dress code. The only exception is for pregnant ladies whose maternity shirts are cut to drape over that huge baby bump and for whom tucking in would result in great discomfort.

I think it would be easy enough to tuck the shirt in, as Lolita skirts sit at the natural waist, and that blouse extends past that point. I think the reason it's untucked in the photo is to show what the hemline looks like. ^^

Thank you for your input!
The shirt looks fine but the skirt may be too short. The only problem I could see with Lolita style clothing at work is that it's really up to the manager and DM what looks professional or not. I'm almost certain it says in the dress code that clothes/appearance are to be professional.
I think I will check on the length of the skirt vs. the length of my other Lolita skirts - I don't own anything from that company, but what I own from other brands goes down to my knees at the very least, which is the standard look in Lolita fashion. And I agree about the professional aspect... I am thinking that if I keep it very modest and all black, it shouldn't be a problem. One of the shifts frequently goes around wearing black shorts with knee high black/white/grey striped socks... and looks ridiculous...
Why on earth would you wear Lolita stuff to work? Maybe I'm just messy but everything I ever wear to work is covered in bleach stains and sharpie spots, I'd NEVER wear any of my EGA stuff even just behind the counter to get my check DDDD:
just now looked at the pictures and that skirt is definitely too short (AFAIK they have to be knee length) but the blouse should be fine.
Skirt is definitely knee length although that picture definitely sucks XD I do agree the wearing Lolita to work is moronic... which is why my Baby/Angelic Pretty/Alice and the Pirates/Vivienne Westwood will be staying safely at home. The pictures I posted & the things I am planning on getting are from the "Walmart of Lolita", Bodyline. As a brand, they've come up a lot in quality and are a very cheap and accessible way to wear Lolita fashion for newbies/people who don't want to spend a ton of money... so I thought, why not use this for work clothes? ^^
My store is mostly women and we all wear skirts/dresses. I wore a skirt today about 6-10" above my knees (I'm bad at gauging these things) and we always, ALWAYS wear funky socks. I have a nose piercing, a shift has a nose piercing, another shift has very visible arm tattoos that she refuses to cover, ANOTHER shift has an industrial piercing and dyes his hair, the store manager wears short dresses and low-cut tops, a fellow barista has her tongue pierced and snake bites. There's a weekends-only barista who wears super snug leggings, UGGs, and no collar on her shirt.

I think it varies store-to-store how closely it's obeyed, but honestly it makes no sense to me why your boots would be an issue. I think it's bullshit that there's so much focus on clothes over conduct. I bust my ass. Therefore, I'm cool with the DM seeing me wearing what I normally wear.

PS that outfit is ADORABLE. Get it. Wear it. Be your fabulous self.
Holy shit, may I work at your store?? It was such a pain to take out my tongue barbell before every shift. And to find clean black socks.
You actually have to follow the sock rule? Piercings are a touchy subject and all but SOCKS?! Good lordy lord. I wore yellow and black knee-high "taxi cab" ones today with some maryjanes. My SM wears lace socks or floral ones. My goodness.
My store enforces everything BUT the sock rule. Sockdreams is going to be gettinga huuuuuge order from me soon...
I can't believe anyone enforces the tucked in rule. No one in my district does. The only time I've ever tucked in was when we had a lot of big wigs in the store to discuss our remodel. I would be miserable if we had to tuck our shirts in, seriously. It's so uncomfortable and I think that it looks terrible on a lot of people, including me. We definitely don't enforce the sock rule (I actually wear black socks most of the time because it's most of what I own and I think that white socks look terrible) and definitely don't enforce the no-leggings rule. There's a shift at my store that has a pair of tramp stamp lounge pants that she wears to work, when her shirt rides up it reveals what looks like a tramp stamp, on the back of her pants. Terrible.
Yeah, I've always thought tucked in shirts can look the opposite of professional. Plus, on girls, unless you carry no weight around your stomach (like me, luckily, since the tucked-in rule is enforced full strength in my district), it emphasizes any rolls.
That's terrible. I've never seen anyone sent home for a dress code violation, including wearing a shirt with no collar and a different colored undershirt, things that are a lot more noticeable, I think, than tucking or socks. They have recently cracked down on wearing aprons outside of actually being on the floor--like to and from work, on breaks and while cleaning or doing garbages.
AFAIK the tucked in rule goes like: if you're not wearing an undershirt, your polo has to be tucked in. if you ARE wearing an undershirt, you don't have to tuck in your polo. Whee! At least that's how my district runs it. I love it that way. And I hear ya, I'm a curvy lady m'self.
I got written up once for not tucking my shirt in at my old store! My store was so strict, yet one girl came into work with PINK HAIR and nothing was done.

A girl I knew in high school just wore a translucent pink ball on hers, you couldn't even see it unless she stuck her tongue all the way out.
Holy smokes!! My district must be CRAZY strict! I need to transfer asap! All of those things would get people FIRED! Not even written up but straight up fired the next day! Our district is so strict i've seen a barista sent home because of the Nike logo on the side of his black shoes was white. I've always had to hide my tattoos and crazy hair :(

Back to the OP, if you can work safely in boots then there should be no problem. There is nothing in the handbook that I can recall other then being black or dark brown in colour and be made out of leather or heavy duty material, (i.e- no canvas) I wear police style boots with my pants tucked in, never a problem with my manager but I always untuck the pants when my DM is around.
I second the tipping double. ;)
Love lolita!

You can actually wear high heels! I'm serious! Not that I would, but it is in the dress code that you can wear black closed-toe pumps!
Do you know if you can wear ballet flats (with black socks?)
All I own outside of my wrestling shoes and running shoes is ballet flats. Three guesses what I wear to work? With absurd socks, always.
I don't remember exactly, but most of the girls at our store wear leather(or fake leather) ballet flats. Mine have a cute little bow on the toe ^_^
Probably not, due to how much of the top of the foot is generally exposed with ballet flats. It's why mary janes aren't allowed. There's too much risk of burning the crap out of your feet.
Mary janes aren't allowed? BRB firing 90% of every starbucks I've ever visited.
Yarp. That being said, my last pair of work shoes before I quit were mary janes because it's never ever enforced, but I do recall seeing it mentioned in the dress code that open top shoes aren't allowed. One of my old SSs got in trouble for it 3 managers ago.
Boots should be fine, and so far as I can tell that outfit should be fine. I also work in a store filled with women and as I progressively get MORE pregnant I find skirts with elastic bands far more comfortable to pants that fall down ALL THE TIME.

Do it. Seriously. And get on the portal and print out the dress code. I'm almost tempted to go to my store, print it now, and mail it to you just so you can have a copy.
Nothing seems cooler to me than being served by an EGL/EGA barista while listening to New Order. Or, ya know, Malice Mizer, but Starbucks has only been playing one of those recently.
I used to wear these boots every day, with a skirt and was perfectly fine. Even my DM approved them.

Sorry. I've always wanted to own a pair. :[
The verb "ruining" and the noun "New Rock" when relating to the brand of boots do not go in the same sentence. XD I have a pair and I wore them to work everyday until just recently - the boots that I mentioned being questionable, above, are actually a pair of leather knee-high Demonia Pole Climber-ii's with chrome toe caps (on the outside). My New Rock Neptune Walkers lasted for, and I am not exaggerating even slightly, eight years, without ever being polished or taken care of in any way... and being worn several times a week, walking constantly and being around horses and water and all manner of silliness.

Thanks, now I'm back to wanting to get a pair. Arrrrrgh. <333
Those things were awesome for work! Not so much as a scratch on them, and they were the most comfortable pair of boots I've ever owned. I'd still be wearing them to work now if someones cat didn't pee in them :(
Plus, with these kinds of boots, the more messed up they get, the more awesome they look!

*has gone on vacations with a pair of Demonia Stacks as her only shoes*
I can't see an issue outside of skirt length.

I mean, I wear ballet flats, skirts, and obnoxious socks to hide my Transformers leg sleeve, so...
I don't see an issue. I mean, our store is not the best enforcer of dress code but we all had to re-read it last month and sign off on it. If skirt length is the only potential issue, wear leggings under it. I always wear leggings with my skirts at work.
I had a previous partner who wore skirts every single day, ranging in length from knee length to ankle length. There are some religions where women are discouraged in wearing pants/shorts, so it would be discriminatory if 'bux did not allow women to wear skirts...they cant even ask you that kind of question in an interview. and if I remember correctly, the dress code policy poster says 'slacks or shorts/skirts that are no more than 4 inches above the knee'.
as far as the boots thing, I dont see an issue. as long as they are solid black or brown, who cares!
my SM doesnt really care a whole lot about dress code except for the whole collared shirt bit.

but I am also one of those partners that thinks the entire dress code thing is ridiculous and too strict. yes, we need to look clean and put together, but I can honestly tell you that the person ordering there latte will not care if I am in the black/khaki get up or if I have all of my facial piercings in, hot pink hair, wearing jeans and a cute shirt...as long as they get their latte and I look presentable, it shouldn't matter.
Please come work in my store! I'd love to work with someone in Lolita fashion~