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how do i buy a starbucks london gift card?

how do i go about buying a starbucks london giftcard from the US ... online?


the white/red/blue collage-y one?
I had never seen the card before, but after googling it - I just bought it off of ebay. haha I've never ever considered buying a Starbucks gift card off of ebay but it's SO pretty, and I love love love London.

It cost me $4.10CAD total.
I've had a London one for a few years now, what stinks is you can't register it in the U.S. I used to use it all the time too.
You couldn't register yours? I have my London card as the primary.
Don't you register it online? I didn't think it mattered what country your card was from. I've had a customer use a London card - didn't check to see whether or not it was registered though.
I tried 2 years ago, even called corporate. I hadn't tried since then. I'm glad that I can finally register it. Thanks!