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Health insurance costs (in California/Bay Area)

I started working at Starbucks about a month ago. I'm not eligible for health insurance yet, but I'm trying to do some budget estimates for next year and it would be helpful to know roughly how much I'll be paying each month if I get health insurance through them.  How much do other folks in the Bay Area (or other parts of CA) pay per month? I'm around 30 and female, if it matters, and I would only be insuring myself. Also, are there different plans and companies or just one?



I'm not in CA, so I can't help you there, but, in CO, I pay $40/month for the most basic coverage, plus $15 for vision and dental. In my experience, it's just one company with different levels of coverage per option. I don't think your age/gender matters. They do have you fill out a questionnaire, you will pay double if you don't do it. But, it's basically "price with health quotient" and "price without."
Thanks, that's a good basic benchmark.