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itinerant baristas? could I make it work?

I've been working at Starbucks for just over six months now. I'd really like to travel and see the US, and I'm thinking of doing this in a van. I'm curious if anyone's done something similar and picked up occasional Starbucks shifts while doing that? I know that sometimes my store borrows baristas from nearby stores and/or sometimes folks from my store get scheduled elsewhere, so perhaps I could pick up shifts here and there like that? I wouldn't rely on it for financial support but it would be a nice addition.


You probably could but would have to get your home store manager to transfer you into that other store's system every time you did and I'm not sure GLS stretches beyond your area.

Another thing to keep on mind is that you are only allowed to be unscheduled at your home store for a certain amount of time (I think six weeks?) unless you're on an approved leave of absence. After that amount of time, you would be separated. If you're on a LOA, you can't pick up shifts.

Finally, another thing to keep in mind is that our Time Off Policy states that you are not supposed to be given extended periods of time off without having vacation time to support it. This policy was put in place a few years ago so that managers could support store needs with staffing and not have to hire excessively. Since you haven't reached the year mark yet I would assume you do not have vacation time yet to support a prolonged period of time away. Most managers do not heavily enforce that rule but yours might if you were to take a long period of time off.