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cabbage, fractals

balmofgilead in baristas

new schedule posting rules?

I know that a while back there was a memo sent out saying that managers were supposed to start posting schedules farther in advance, but I can't remember what the details were. Was it that a schedule must be posted a week before the first day on the schedule (so the deadline for our 11/24-11/30 schedule would be tomorrow), or was it more than that? Anyone know?


They're supposed to have three schedules out, current week and two weeks out, so if you don't have the next week or week after, they're not following the new protocol

This is an old post, but to follow up, the standard is 10 days in advance. We have until Wednesday eod to post. However, nothing magical happens after Wednesday.

If we miss the deadline for orders, things autoapprove and we get stuck with whatever was suggested. I wish schedules were the same way. Managers would maybe be more likely to post it by the deadline if we were stuck with sucky schedules.

OK, just to confirm then, so today - Wednesday 1/7 - would the schedule starting Monday 1/19 need to be posted by EOD? Or the schedule starting Monday 1/12? (Neither of those is exactly 10 days....)

My DM comes by regularly and I kinda feel that if my SM is consistently not posting schedules on time, next time she asks "how are you?" I'm going to point this out to her. Especially because he's been scratching out our "time off requests" dates very far in advance.
I never quite did the math, but you are right it isn't 10 days. When we log into GLS it tells us we have to post it 10 days in advance, but we were told we have until wednesday eod.

anyway, yesterday on wednesday 1/7 I posted the schedule for the schedule starting 1/19.

we have to do forecasting even further in advance. this basically means we are 'ordering' a schedule template with customer count and availability.

this week, when we posted the schedule for the 19th, we forecasted for the 26th. so I had to close off that week of requests (however, I am usually able to accommodate last minute requests)

I think it is definitely worth mentioning to your DM. It might not remedy the issue immediately, but it will bring attention to the issue.