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Does anyone know how to ring up the one free RTDE or pastry case item per shift that we're supposed to be getting now that it's January? Yesterday my coworkers and I rang up a bagel and tried using "partner beverage" and "partner markout" and neither one worked to make it free. We didn't see a new button to hit for this anywhere, either.

EDIT: apparently it doesn't start til Jan 5th. I'm curious why they chose to do that instead of starting on the 1st, since this was announced months and months ago...oh well.
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new schedule posting rules?

I know that a while back there was a memo sent out saying that managers were supposed to start posting schedules farther in advance, but I can't remember what the details were. Was it that a schedule must be posted a week before the first day on the schedule (so the deadline for our 11/24-11/30 schedule would be tomorrow), or was it more than that? Anyone know?
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itinerant baristas? could I make it work?

I've been working at Starbucks for just over six months now. I'd really like to travel and see the US, and I'm thinking of doing this in a van. I'm curious if anyone's done something similar and picked up occasional Starbucks shifts while doing that? I know that sometimes my store borrows baristas from nearby stores and/or sometimes folks from my store get scheduled elsewhere, so perhaps I could pick up shifts here and there like that? I wouldn't rely on it for financial support but it would be a nice addition.
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overtime pay?

Does anyone know how Starbucks calculates overtime pay in the US? Sometimes I've gotten overtime pay without working more than 8 hours in a shift - I think this is because I worked more than 8 hours within a 24-hour "workday." But what time does the 24-hour period begin each day? (CA state law says a workday is a consecutive 24-hour period beginning at the same time each calendar day, but it may begin at any time of day.) I'm curious because I'm scheduled to close and then work at 6:30am the day after, for 8 hours. If the 24-hour period starts anew at 4:30am or something, I still wouldn't get overtime for that.

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Montreal Partners:

I'm gonna be visiting your fine city in a few months and was wondering if the QUEBEC You Are Here mug is available in city stores or if I have to drive to Quebec City to get my hands on it?

Any help would be appreciated!
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Health insurance costs (in California/Bay Area)

I started working at Starbucks about a month ago. I'm not eligible for health insurance yet, but I'm trying to do some budget estimates for next year and it would be helpful to know roughly how much I'll be paying each month if I get health insurance through them.  How much do other folks in the Bay Area (or other parts of CA) pay per month? I'm around 30 and female, if it matters, and I would only be insuring myself. Also, are there different plans and companies or just one?

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Being recorded

A few specific partners were audio recorded by the current store manager recently. My questions are:

1] Is the SM allowed to actively record people? I thought that simply pertained to visual and audio devices installed in the stores already.

2] Where would I be able to obtain the waivers we've signed prior to working in store?

3] Would I need to contact human resources, or is there another department I would need to speak to concerning this?

I remember a few years ago, when my previous SM had us sign waivers for a picture with all the partners, so I would assume another waiver would have needed to be signed in order for the SM to record people.

Talking to the DM and RM about this is not an option, unfortunately.

Thank you for your time.