December 14th, 2005

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I am new to the community. I've been with starbucks since Nov. '02. Just wanted to stop in and say hello. I really love reading all the posts on here... there are some interesting discussions and really funny stories. I look forward to reading more.
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other stores.....

i notice that a few starbucks near my school have very rude baristas. some are nice, but some are just straight out grumpy. and that whole me giving them my card thing doesnt work either (thought it would change there attitude because i was too a barista monkey...) i went into one in particular that me and my bf go into a lot! i went in there to study and get a caffeine fix, and my drink was a venti quad soy no whip zebra to 140. and i said i was sorry for such a complecated drink...i dont think it had caffeine in it and it tasted all watery....something wasnt right.....i left a tip and all, was nice, but he didnt really talk to me, i know hes not new....and i didnt complain about the drink cause im too nice...went back there later on in the night cause we(my bf and i) went to target, so the bucks was right there, needed some san pelle. and there was a different guy in there and he was really polite and nice.
i dont know if its been my past stores, but they always grilled into me how important it was so greet them when they enter, mind you i was the only customer in there the first time so it was not busy, ask them how they are doing, etc...i love starting conversations with people. brings them back and they act all happy to see you when they get there, makes me feel all warm inside, anyways, ive just noticed on several occassions not very happy baristas....and i hope they feel better or something....(vista/san marcos people...)-NOT ALL, BUT I FEW SELECT ONES....thank you
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Numero Uno: Do we get time and a half on Christmas Eve? One store in my region is open Christmas Day, and I know they're supposed to get holiday pay, but I was wondering if it applied on Christmas Eve, too.

Numero Dos: What EXACTLY is the recipe for the Green Tea Frapp? It's not in our BRM for some reason, and I swear no two partners can agree on exactly how it's supposed to be made.

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Even though we all have crappy days and crappy customers, we also have some really kick ass customers...

This morning I was on DT and one gentleman told me that he would buy the next persons drink because a guy had bought his coffee as a random act of kindness the day before. This went on for 11 cars, one of the orders came to $12 and the person in front did it anyway, just didn't even care. Everyone was so freaking touched and I was about in (little girly) tears because of how sweet it all was.

Seriously, this kind of stuff would never happen anywhere other than Starbucks with our wonderful customers.

There is still hope for humanity, guys. YAY! ^_^

Green Apron, Coffee Master, Innovation, and Customer Resistance Experiences needed!

I have posted here before and need your help again! I am the author writing the new book about Starbucks. I am focusing the book at the store level. Its deadline is February 1,06 and it is scheduled to be published in the fall by McGraw-Hill. I have all the requiste permissions from corporate for you to participate. Please check out the following ( email me at You can also contact Chris Gorley - with questions about your possible involvement in the book.

As I approach deadline, I would appreciate your assistance. If possible would you share with me experiences you have had that:

1)capture the essence of the 5 ways of being. Maybe it was a partner who excelled at being knowledgeable, with a customer for example.
2)show how information gained through the coffee master training translated into a benefit to the customer or generally how the training has benefited you
3)show innovation within your store. This could be your team developing strategies to become more efficient, or championing some product or service innovation, and
4) situations where you have taken an angry, disgruntled, or resistant customer and turned their experience into a positive one.

This book (working title the Starbucks Success Blend) pays tribute to the uniquely customer driven behavior of Starbucks baristas. The more you share the better I will be able to capture the incredible work you do. Respectfully, Joseph A Michelli, Ph.D.
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I got an email from the Corporate and Social Responsibility lady that greenlagirl talks about in her blog!

She emailed me in regards to the quote of mine Green LA girl put on her blog about how I was upset that I had been misinformed that our coffee was pretty much fair trade.

I was afraid she was going to be like, "stop talking smack about starbucks on the internets!!!" but really she just sent me some info on our coffee and just how fair trade it actually is or is not and then she complimented my webpage and my photography.


(Don't know what I'm talking about? Check this post, this post, and Green LA Girl's Blog about the Starbucks Challenge)


In other news, this morning I left my heat on in my car as I waited for the other opener to show up because it was TWO degrees outside, and my damned car battery died! But thankfully, with the help of jumper cables, my SM's car, and a handy dandy coworker, my car was jump started back into happiness once my shift was over. But I stressed about it all day, and I only had 2 hours of sleep, so it really wasn't the best day.

the dreaded "lets make your job miserable" fair trade challenge..

sooo to start off with...
i work at a very high volume store..a very small overcrowded high volume store..
our morning rushes are ridiculous..its mostly regulars so even short handed today
we were able to keep things running smoothly...i was bar/register 2 backup..
when some one comes in and orders 5 coffee travelers..we had run out of prepacks
so i had to grind bullets of christmas blend from our cow stock..behind the lady ordering
the coffee travelers are two very noisy girls talking loudly on their cell phones..
they look like theyre getting impatient with the wait behind coffee traveler lady...who is also
order trays of i walk over to register two while the bullet of christmas blend is being ground..
and ask if i can get something started for them....they procede to ask me for a cup of fair trade..
i inform them whats brewing at the moment and tell them we no longer carry fair trade blend..but now carry
cafe estima..girl number one gets huffy and says she doesnt care what we're brewing at the moment and tells me
im wasting her time...she then dramatically points at the backroom and says "just go get me a cup of fair trade right now"
..i had to take a deep breath and put on a fake smile: " i cant 'go get you a cup of fair trade' but if your willing to wait
a while i can make you a french press of cafe estima, i wont be able to get that started for at least another ten minutes or so
as im currently using the grinder for christmas blend.."
girl number two then decides that it is now time to inform me that i am a misinformed misguided "barista"..the lowest on the chain..
and that i am a scape goat for a corporate monster that doesnt want people to know about fair trade or how it works..
she asked if i was trained to be so discouraging towards customers when questioned about the fair trade policy..
through out this whole conversation i could have been working on the coffee travelers..and starting their stupid french press..
instead i had to stand there and nod and smile...when i was never not even once the least bit discouraging so much as...
trying to get them to understand that they were going to have to probably wait a significant while for their cup of estima..
i wanted to go grab a lb of the stupid coffee and give it them as my partner markout for the week and tell them to go brew it at home.
i honestly dont understand how this challenge can possibly be helpful in anyway.
in other news:
the toys for tots toy drive i organized for our store was incredibly successful.

A little upset, a little...

I was recently stunned on some news that a certain barista is getting promoted to become a shift supervisor. This barista was let go from a Barnes & Noble Starbucks for money problems and I am concerned. I discussed this with a fellow S.S. and we both agreed that this barista is too young (20) and needs to grow up alot before officially becoming a S.S. Let me give you a few examples of what goes on with a her on a shift. She gives her friends free pasteries, money disappears, etc. I just don't agree with my manager to promote her quite yet. I am a little upset...

Should I talk to my manager about this?