July 1st, 2006

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It was my day off and I decided to go to the movies with my sister. We chose to go see The Devil Wears Prada (yeah yeah, yet no one wants to go see Nacho Libre with me :/)

Apparently everyone in the fashion world drinks Starbucks, almost every other scene there was a Starbucks cup. While I sat there watching the movie, I kept paying attention to see if their orders made sense/were said properly and I was looking at the cups to see if I could read the order.

She got a grande vanilla latte. (what?! no nonfat!?!)

And she got two drip coffees and wanted them "extra hot." I just giggled because those customers are oh so true.

I think it's time for a new job (?)
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chips chips chips

ok so i dont know the full story, but i was told by a co-worker all the universal chips have been recalled yesterday.
this means no more java chip or chocolate cream chip frappucinos!

anyone else heard about this?

oh - I am in the UK, speaking to my barista bitch in california it dont sound like they are recalled there.
Tecky Chic

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I decafed my first costumer today.

I was in a bad mood. She came in swinging at my buttons.

Her: ::with register partner:: "I'd like a small iced latte"
RP: "okay" ::Continues transaction and proceeds to call drink to me::
Me: ::Put milk in cold tall cup... place under espresso machine... press shots...Moves to the whipped cream containers... puts vanilla in containers::
Her: ::sees me pump syrups from the reg:: "WHAT ARE YOU PUTTUNG IN MY DRINK?!"
Me: Umm... Nothing.
ME: ::Hold up whipped cream container:: "I'm making whipped cream while waiting for your drink to be finished."
Me: "Well, you're in luck then, because iced lattes don't usually come with whipped cream."
Me: ::Dump out regular shots and press decaf::
Her: "I ordered regular right?! I need the caffeine."
Me: ::Legendary tone:: "Yes maam! Regular it is. Have a great day!"

I know it wasn't truly "Decaf" worthy... But like I said, twas a long shitty day.
Tecky Chic

Now for a happy post!

Yesterday, a new parter made a comment to a male costumer about how the new Caramel Nut Bars look like Baklava. He responded with some kind of comment ending with "depends if you're Greek or Armenian." I started jumping up and down screaming "I'M ARMENIAN!" He looked at me in surprise and said he was aswell. We started talking and told him that SBux was only a part-time gig, that I was a full time student at FAU studying philosophy.
"Law School?" He asked.
"Yeah, how'd you know? ::LOL::"

He continued to say that he graduated undergrad from Columbia University. I almost flipped because Columbia is a "reach school" for me. He then whipped out his card wrote phone numbers down and told me to call him if I need any help getting in. Since he has Alumni Status he could totally help.

He then said this to the other partners around me:" This is what we Armenians do! There are so few of us, we need to help each other out."

Thank You, D!

You made my day!

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There's an old woman who comes to our store on a daily basis. She doesn't buy anything, but always proceeds to just give the baristas trouble and complains about when the napkin dispensers are empty or the half-and-half needs refilling.

Last month she asked us to save the empty syrup bottles for her. Sort of strange, but okay, whatever, just say yes. After a month of giving her empty bottles, someone asks her what she's using them for. Apparently she was giving them to her daughter for her illegal backyard moonshine operation. She was using the bottles to distill and store the alcohol. What the christ? No more bottles for you.

Why did they decide to build a starbucks here again?

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Any stores doing the New DT setup?
It might only be district/region wide, but i was just curious.
Mini Pastry case in DT, Sugar & Cream AUTO-Dispensers, & A crazy deployment of 7 baristas on the floor at once on mornings. 0_O
Copper Star Rose

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A customer today paid with a $3 Beverage Certificate. ... I think its been a couple years since I've seen one of these things. Wow.

Today, on Drive Thru:a
Customer: "What's a ...." *looks back at signage* "Poom-granite?"
Me: "That would be our pomegranate juice blend frappuchino."
C: "Yes, but what's a pomegranate?"
Me: *cue staring at the speaker* "Um. Its a fruit that originated from the middle east. It has a red outside, and inside is packed full or small red seeds. It grows well in southern californa."
Shift lead also on DT: *stares at me*
C: *duuuuuuuuuh*
Me: "I think in spanish its called a 'granada'?"
C: "Oh! ... Gimme a caramel frap. Extra caramel. Extra, extra extra caramel."
Me: *facepalm* "What size?"

Oy. Mind you, I'll have to goggle more about pomegranate- those facts were off the top of my head- as well as the name in spanish. (So, that all could be wrong. But- still. Everyone around here eats them, how can someone not know what a pomegranate is?)
air force

Seattle's Best?

So, I am working on my tea passport, and I am almost done with it. I notice that a couple of the teas are Seattle's Best exclusives. We actually have a Seattle's Best location right next door to us (we share our parking lot with Borders). I thought I'd be high speed, and head over tomorrow and get some tea after my shift at the 'Bux. Does anyone know if we can use our partner discount at Seattle's Best? I doubt we can, and I'm sure their tea is not too pricey, but just curious.

Thanks in advance!
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