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vinomazzei in baristas

moving up in "teh company"

< insert typical "yay me, I'm being promoted to SS" comment here >

So I went to my learning coach class last night. It was very informative and good. I'll begin official SS training about a week and a half from now.

I hope I don't sound too cynical about all this because I am actually really excited about the opportunities in front of me.

I will admit I was a bit peeved to discover that about 5 of the 8 of us in there were hired on as RMTs, a completely new thing to me... I don't even know what it stands for, but gather that it has something to do with people hired on to train directly into management... I gather that these people will go through a month or two of training in total, and then become ASMs, which they will have to remain ASMs for somewhere between (I don't know...) 5-8 months before they become eligible to become an SM? Anyone? Buehler?

So I must admit that I'm kind of jealous that this opportunity wasn't around when I was hired on about 7 months ago. Granted, there are benefits to "paying one's dues" and working one's way up the old fashioned way. Hell, maybe if I was more motivated 7 months ago, I would have checked listings for open management positions back then. I can almost guarantee that they weren't looking for anything like that back then considering there weren't even any SS positions open in the market.

Louisville, KY is going to see about 6-7 new stores open within a year. My manager is already getting the new store at St. Matthews mall, which is really close to the mall we're in now (the only mall with a corporate store right now). This will be an extremely high volume store. My manager is highly motivated to move up in the company. Although I would love to get out of the mall scene, I can see now that staying with him (he really believes in my potential) could help me out in the long run.

I can see that the RMTs had a lot of support from their SMs who were training them.

I don't know. This is all kind of scatter-brained and whatnot. To those of you who cared to read it, thoughts? observations? your experiences?


i was externally hired as a shift and after about 6 months, i was put on track to go to asm...now, it took a year, because i moved to another province and my store sucked, but really, you won't regret not being hired as an rmt. here's why:

there are two different kinds of rmts. there are rmts hired as managers and rmts hired as asms. rmts that are hired as managers have 8 weeks to learn everything. imagne becoming a manager with only 8 weeks of bar experience! (and to be honest, some of the rmts in the 8 week programme get about 3 bar shift...scary, yes???). rmts hired as asms are given an 8 month programme to go through and then, if they are ready, are given a store. asms who were promoted up through the company are usually ready faster and sometimes get their store faster. (or, as in my case, have to wait until there is a store to go to...boo).

why it sucked that i was hired as an rmt: the money.
why it's great that i wasn't: i already know most of everything. i took my time learning and honing my skills. i'm an experienced barista, i'm experienced with directing a shift, i know how to place all the orders, etc. it's just so much smoother for me than for others i have seen go through the 8 week programme or external asm hires. it's like you said, it's the benefits of doing your time. it just makes you better. good luck!

ps- ask your new manager (or current) to put you on a pdp with an intention to get you up to asm.
Thanks for sharing! Yeah, I'm going to have a good talk with him next week during my shift training. I think he'll probably go for it, since he offered (without me asking) to print off the qualifications for ASM. Best case scenario: he'll put me on the fast track to ASM at his new store when I transfer with him.
yikes, that sucks. See, two weeks into my training as a barista, I already expressed interest in a promotion. I think that's most of the battle. Just being open with your manager about your intentions.