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espressoninja in baristas

There's an old woman who comes to our store on a daily basis. She doesn't buy anything, but always proceeds to just give the baristas trouble and complains about when the napkin dispensers are empty or the half-and-half needs refilling.

Last month she asked us to save the empty syrup bottles for her. Sort of strange, but okay, whatever, just say yes. After a month of giving her empty bottles, someone asks her what she's using them for. Apparently she was giving them to her daughter for her illegal backyard moonshine operation. She was using the bottles to distill and store the alcohol. What the christ? No more bottles for you.

Why did they decide to build a starbucks here again?


Apparently she was giving them to her daughter for her illegal backyard moonshine operation.

Yearning for that unique taste and burning sensation you could only find in the dirtiest of speakeasies? Introducing Starbucks Moonshine, with a hint of vanilla! It's just like Granny used to make in her claw-footed bathtub back in nineteen-dickety-two during the Prohibition! Starbucks Moonshine: Bring on the End of the Day.

You know, I can't believe she actually admitted what it was for...
i really love that, i had to read it aloud to my boyfriend. he was also amused at it.
Hee, thanks. I do my best to keep everyone's lollerskates a-rolling.
zomg. if I were to steal your icon... er... i mean... polietly borrow it, would I give you the credit!?
Yes. I make most of my icons, and don't mind the occasional person swiping them for their own nefarious purposes so long as there's credit involved. :)
i think howard would be pissed.

but i am laughing.
that is freaking AWESOME!

we used to have a guy that used our grounds for your garden for growing his weed. apparently it worked really well he hits up every starbucks in our district.