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ddt gothic

dandoubledtwice in baristas

Starbucking Movie





The people commenting on it seemed like they'd been dropped on their heads as babies. =[
"Hurr hurr I heart DUNKIN DONUTS!! Dunkin Donuts FTW!!!11!!!!!"

lol I don't see why anyone would go to a Dunkin Donuts on purpose. The owners, at least in my area, are the rudest Indian guys who can't speak english, always get my order wrong, and could give a crap about me as a customer. We're two completely different establishments, in my opinion. I never get eye contact, let alone a smile over there. :P

aw, it's winter.
the guy who does it is or was a part of this community.
by the way, hey Winter . . . my new store (East Rutherford, NJ) is supposed to open april 26. woo!