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cmhkorn in baristas

OMGz, customers... DO NOT EAT ME!

So we totally ran out of Splenda. Not hard to imagine, being in Los Angeles and all. Plus, I swear that old ladies come in and steal it from the condiment bar!! At any rate, due to this shortage:

customer: "Omg, no Splenda??? I'm going to have to return my coffee then."
me: "Okay. $1.85, sorry for the inconvenience"

m:"I guess it's really popular??"
c:"Well then! It's called ORDERING SOME MORE!"
... yah! Let me call the Splenda police! You should have heard this guy. He like, barked at me!

c:"OMG, what am I going to do?!"
...cause I'm sure you're going to die without it.

All this happened while there was a line to the door in the middle of a nasty little rush. I use splenda sometimes. And yah, it sucks that we're out of it. But really, blowing up at the barista is not nice. Maybe they should go to their mothers' houses... cause that's where it all went!!!!

Ugh, and I thought people who don't get their caffeine are bad... Try snobs who don't get their SPLENDER.


LMAFO omg the dumbass spazzing over the splenda XD! that is a situation i am all too familiar with! people seriously need to chill....use an equal or something lol they're all 0 calories
"wow, ordering more? wow, i NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!?" seriously, what exactly goes through people's heads?
Considering that Splenda isn't that good for you, it's a wonder to me that people are even using it. Give me real sugar--it's been around for thousands of years and I trust it far more than chemically engineered sweeteners--sugar is good--just use less of it.
We ran out once, and our favorite regular witnessed people be total assholes to us about it (people lose their fucking minds about the most ridiculous stuff!)... so he went to Costco and bought us a huge box, even stocked the condiment bar himself before giving us the rest for behind the counter during the rush. We were all so grateful, he had no idea how much that gesture meant. I'll never forget that.
I swear some people think that shit is a food group...
they probably had 800 packets in their purse/briefcase, anyway, but needed to steal more.
Yeah I had some guy yell at me once for being out of sugar in the raw and we had just stocked it I don't know how we ran out that quick but it's like hey use regular sugar or something but don't yell at me I'm not the one who does the ordering.
ugh, i feel ya. our store ran out of splenda just yesterday.
I wonder if he's gonna love his splenda that much when it starts giving him neurological disorders?
Is there any real diffrence between Splenda and the other artificial sweetners? I swear i'm sick of the splenda crowd. I remember one lady wanted like TEN SPLENDAS in her drink. Now, Splenda is THREE HUNDRED times sweeter than sugar HOLY COW I can't imagine how that tastes.
Molecule for molecule it's 300x sweeter. That's why they bulk it up to make it equally sweet - that way you can use 1 cup Splenda to replace 1 cup sugar, in baking. So when you pick up a huge bag of Splenda it feels like there's nothing in it.