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kill_me_im_emo in baristas


has anyone seen the documentary about the guy that trys to travel to every starbucks in the world?
i came across it while at hollywood video tonight. i had to get it.


That would take...forever.
Winter? A doc about Winter?
Yeah, it came out on dvd months ago. I think it played at a few small film festivals, but not much wide release.
Sit back, have a cup of joe, and watch as one man defies society's norms in a neverending search for the lady in green.

Uh, by going to every Starbucks? ...k
I rented it a few months ago. I stopped watching it half-way through because it was really un-engaging and he was way too hyper for me to watch (No offense! I know you are a part of this community!)
We had a Hollywood Video go out of business near me, and I picked it up a couple months ago, but I havent watched it yet.
he came to my store like 2 days after i watched the dvd. he's very neurotic, but what would you expect after that much caffeine?