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uttersimplicity in baristas

My store, 27 days after opening!


Courtesy of starbuckseverywhere.net

*Edit* I just read Winter's blog for the morning he visited my store. Apparently we were brewing French Roast. lol I love this!


Nice looking store! :D
what did your store used to be... kinda looks like a mcD's....?
ha, it used to be a Burger King
close... *LOL* but cool... one of the stores here i know of used to be a wendy's :D
I totally looked at the picture and said out loud "Oh, hey, that looks like a Burger King." How sad is it that I've unconsciously associated the shape and color of the roof with Burger King? But my second thought was "Wow, i bet they have a ton of space in their cafe."
the cafe is spacious, but the seating is awkward inside. The patio is the gem of our store. Lots of seating and very open.
I swear, at some point I will actually visit your store.
Looks almost exactly like a store in my district I work act occasionally; and it too used to be a burger king. :)
where is this store? i just saw the picture, looks like a nice store
san antonio, texas
damn, my store pales in comparison lol, although you have a drive through, i've never worked at a drive through. my store is a small hole in the wall lol, we're pretty small, but i love it.
I thought it looked like a bk..lol
my store used to be a taco bell...

Hey, it's my store :) but there's no review

Walzem Store in my District.

Ha, you're in my district! I work at the Quincy store downtown San Antonio. I been to this store, in fact I helped train the partners that opened this store. It has a lot of space in the lobby and some of the best furniture I've ever seen in a Starbucks.

Re: Walzem Store in my District.

I've worked at your store :-X
OMG....do my eyes play tricks on me or is that a taco cabana next door?
One of the few (and when I say few, I mean few!) things I miss from Texas