The Perfectionist with Too Many Goals... (asyrol) wrote in baristas,
The Perfectionist with Too Many Goals...

Starbucks Re-Hiring Policy

I'm sure that none of you remember me - it's been years since I've posted. I used to work for Starbucks, but had to quit in 2006 to finally finish my degree. At the time, I was an SS, about to go in to ASM training.

A few years ago, I was unemployed and decided to try getting work at Starbucks again. I'd make it through the first interviews and then either never get a call back, or a call from the manager saying I was not re-hireable (which was news to me, I left on a good note).

Recently I applied for a corporate position and received a "Thanks but No Thanks" email within half an hour of applying. Deciding to get to the bottom of this "not re-hireable" issue, I called the PCC and they told me that there is no such listing in a person's file, and that hiring is at the sole discretion of the hiring manager.

For those of you who still work at sbux, either in corporate, SM, DM, ASM or whatever... what's the deal? Can anyone tell me why there's so much hesitance to re-hire an old partner? I'd love to get hired on again just part-time as a barista even to pick up some extra cash, but I don't think I could handle any more rejection!
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