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traag in baristas

Being recorded

A few specific partners were audio recorded by the current store manager recently. My questions are:

1] Is the SM allowed to actively record people? I thought that simply pertained to visual and audio devices installed in the stores already.

2] Where would I be able to obtain the waivers we've signed prior to working in store?

3] Would I need to contact human resources, or is there another department I would need to speak to concerning this?

I remember a few years ago, when my previous SM had us sign waivers for a picture with all the partners, so I would assume another waiver would have needed to be signed in order for the SM to record people.

Talking to the DM and RM about this is not an option, unfortunately.

Thank you for your time.


It depends if the store is following your state's surveillance laws.

From the partner guide: Starbucks installs security cameras in the stores for partner and customer saftey and to monitor activities involving cash. Partners should be aware that these security cameras will capture video and/or audio recordings.

This obviously does not cover a personal tape recorder since it's not part of the store's security system / not Starbuck's property. The wavier you signed was most likely for (a) still photos, and (b) audio+video (camcorders) for a list of team building activities, not for reprimand, etc. I also doubted it included audio only, which matters. Your SM should have that document. If not, it would be on file with the legal department in Seattle.

There's also a Standards of Business Conduct Hotline at 1.800.611.7792 (operates 24/7) in the Standards of Business Conduct book to report ethical issues. I would refuse to give anything but your state since I've heard that Partner Resources can/will report issues back to your DM; not sure about the Business Conduct hotline.
Thank you!
I am attempting to remedy the issue of people being treated unethically so if at some point in life, it's incredibly difficult to find another job, and they would need it to, you know, not die, people who think "just get another job if you don't like me being abusive/unethical" will get reprimanded or fired.
And as much as I don't want to have someone fired, if you are treating your coworkers like trash, you're the problem and should be gotten rid of. It shouldn't have to be the other way around. blah blah blah tldr/dc.
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