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balmofgilead in baristas

overtime pay?

Does anyone know how Starbucks calculates overtime pay in the US? Sometimes I've gotten overtime pay without working more than 8 hours in a shift - I think this is because I worked more than 8 hours within a 24-hour "workday." But what time does the 24-hour period begin each day? (CA state law says a workday is a consecutive 24-hour period beginning at the same time each calendar day, but it may begin at any time of day.) I'm curious because I'm scheduled to close and then work at 6:30am the day after, for 8 hours. If the 24-hour period starts anew at 4:30am or something, I still wouldn't get overtime for that.


4am starts a new day at sbux as far as scheduling. The few events I have had to schedule overnight shifts (black friday and such) we start our day over at 4am.

I live outside of california though. I think CA is the only state that has daily overtime.
Huh, I think you're right about CA - I didn't realize that wasn't the case everywhere.
Nevada does as well. We had a recent transfer and he asked if he got overtime if he got off at 6pm and had to be back at 4am and I was like "Um, no? Why would you?" I had no idea that was a thing. I'm glad we don't do it in my state because I would hate being stuck in a vicious cycle of closing all the time!
I'm not stuck in a cycle of closing all the time! My schedule is kind of all over the map, although this sort of situation (where I might end up getting overtime) doesn't happen much.

I do think it's fair that someone should get overtime if they're working those hours, though - ten hours between shifts is really not enough to decompress, eat, sleep, eat again, and come in to work.
Silly question, but are the times you're getting overtime days like Martin Luther King Day, NY day, etc? ;-)
I always forget about holiday pay and then get confused when I see overtime on my check until, OH YEAH! Duh!