Does anyone here work in a playbook store? I've been at a 40k/week drive thru playbook store for the past six months and it's been hell. We are just supposed to deal with all the problems of playbook not being properly modeled for drive thru, since we're the test market. At a store this busy though, and with split bars, it's pretty terrible. I'm glad I only have two weeks left with the company after a 4+ year run.
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you guys...

I quit Starbucks!!!!!

I have a DESK JOB! It is the most strange/exciting/bizarre/terrifying feeling ever. I'll feel a lot better once I get a paycheck.

But I painted my nails tonight for the first time in four years. That part is amazing.
I'm going to stick around but seriously. Uh, I am so not sad I'm missing holiday.

How have you guys been?
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Hi Starbucks. I'm back >.>

After Blizzard laid me off, and enduring seven months of unemployment, and many fruitless attempts at finding work, I was hired by a nice manager in Sumner who seems to have her shit straight. 

Here's to hoping for the best. <3
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11,000th Store Visit + Fundraising Effort

Hi everybody,

I know Starbucks at the corporate and local level routinely participates in fundraising efforts, so I though some of y'all might be interested in what I decided to do to celebrate my 11,000th Starbucks visit.

Feel free to spread the word...

Texan to Visit 11,000th Starbucks and Donate Equivalent to Charity
A Texas man named Winter will visit his 11,000th Starbucks store next week and donate an equivalent sum to charity. Winter has spent 15 years traveling across 34 countries on a mission to drink coffee from every company-owned Starbucks in the world.


October 8, 2012 – A Texas man named Winter will visit his 11,000th Starbucks store next week.

Winter (full legal name) is a computer programmer from Houston, TX, who has dedicated much of the past fifteen years to traveling around the world in an attempt to drink a coffee from every company-owned Starbucks, and photographing each one for his website. To celebrate this milestone, and to honor his goal of using his Starbucks Everywhere project to address social problems, Winter will solicit donations intended to benefit charities promoting the reproductive rights of women, and he will personally match collected donations up to a total of $11,000.

Winter began his project simply to try and do something unique, but what started out as a lark soon turned into an extreme hobby that consumed more and more time as Starbucks accelerated its global expansion. Winter is dedicated to his original mission and continues to pursue the Starbucks Everywhere project out of his personal love for travel, adventure, photography, and cataloging Starbucks, but beyond that, Winter hopes to use the project to raise social awareness and address social problems.

Winter's mission is chronicled on his website,, and also documented in the 1997 documentary "Starbucking". Winter's project has also been featured across many radio, television, and print outlets, including the Washington Post Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, NPR's Talk of the Nation, and news shows on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, MSNBC, and CNN.

Donations can be made through PayPal via the website

Full name: Winter
Age: 40
Home: Houston
Occupation: Computer programmer

Help Identifying Store

Hi all. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Winter, and for 15 years I've been trying to visit every company-operated Starbucks in the world. I'm now at around 10,980, and trying to verify my database so I can correctly identify my 11,000th store.

I have a possible discrepancy with a store in Alderwood Mall. This is a photo of my visit from 2000, when I was working from Microsoft.

Back then, that store was called "Alderwood Mall Relocation", which should have meant that the store had moved, maybe just a store or two, sometime prior to my visit in 2000.

In 2007, I returned to the mall and visited two additional locations, a kiosk, and one outside in the terrace, and I took a new photo of the Alderwood Mall Relocation store.

Well, since the photos are from different angles (one outside, one inside), I cannot tell if they are of the same physical space.

Is the store that exists now, and in 2007, the same as in 2000?

If you could try and forward my question to someone in the Seattle area who might know someone in Lynnwood who might know someone who has been working at the mall a long time, I'd appreciate it.

Makes a difference in my store count.

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I've always wanted my own espresso machine for home.

Problem being is working in so many amazing coffeeshops has made me picky, and I've seen a fair amount of the home espresso machines...and I don't want anything like that.

Especially since the steam wands usually suck big time. I am a big fan of soy cappuccinos so I'm holding out for real quality.

Does anyone here have an awesome one, or know a friend of a friend who does who can give some recommendations? I'd really like a professional grade machine that isn't going to conk out on me, so I'm happy to save up, I'm just having a little difficulty finding a single brewer-head machine that doesn't seem flimsy or have weird reviews.

Just wanted to see what your guys' input was, since there is a lot of coffee experience and diversity in this community! I appreciate all your help.
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Let's Talk About Coffee Shop Etiquette For Like One Second


What I need you, the reader, to do here is as simple as it is uncomplicated: I need you to use your imagination and, ever so briefly, put yourself in someone else's shoes. You can do that, right? Yeah, no problem.

Here goes . . .

So you're a regular customer.* You have "your" coffee shop. You go there at the same time every day (sometimes two or three times a day --- no one wants to call you an addict, but you honestly buy so many lattes and so many pastries that you more or less pay the light bill every month, all by yourself) and almost always get the same thing. All of the baristas know your name, and you know a few of theirs.

You're sitting in the dining room on a typical busy Saturday evening, enjoying the free wi-fi and your sixth refill of the day, when, due to the layout of the shop, you are the first person to witness another customer --- who, to be sure, is a complete stranger to you, but still a fellow human being --- walk out of the bathroom and collapse. One second he's walking, the next second he's not.**


A) Whistle at the closest barista (yes, whistle. Like he's a dog) and jerk your thumb in the general direction of the FELLOW HUMAN BEING who has just LOST CONSCIOUSNESS and MAY BE IN URGENT NEED OF MEDICAL ATTENTION and then, without saying so much as one word, go back to whatever you were doing on the Internet.**

B) Get off your ass and go see if the guy is okay.

C) Stop texting and use your phone to call 911.

D) Yell, "Hey, that guy just passed out!" (Which would actually make a fair amount of sense, as a significant number of this particular coffee shop's other regular customers are medical professionals of one sort or another, and chances are somebody could help him.)

E) Do nothing.

F) Any of the above that is not A) or E).

*Technically, the customer who inspired this post is not actually a customer. He is at one of our tables all day every day (that's an exaggeration, but only slightly) with his laptop, but he never buys anything. Ever. That bit about paying the light bill was thrown in purely for humorous effect.

If the second witness hadn't said something, I would've had absolutely no idea what was going on. And I might have thrown the guy out for being rude.
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Do you ever feel like your store is a powder keg?

I've never seen a place more tense. It's all my immature, gossip-mongering manager's fault. We used to be a family, now everyone is at each others' throats.

Plus, we have a new hire, a very nice young transgender man, and the young woman pastor barista keeps giving him a wide berth. This troubles me. She hasn't done anything yet, but I find myself being hyper-aware of everything she says to him, just because of her body language. She's lectured nearly everyone else on "moral" bahavior, so I'm afraid it's just a matter of time. When that comes, I might bitchslap her.

These days, sometimes I find my hands shaking as I'm driving to work, truly scared of how the day might commence.

On the bright side, the woman who tried to bribe one of my partners into giving her a stack of recovery coupons was finally banned from the store for screaming profanities at our youngest partner because we didn't have any raw sugar. Thank goodness for small mercies.