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The Livejournal Baristas Community

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The Baristas Community
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A community for all baristas!
For the people who work at coffee houses and live in them.

Your moderators are:

Community Rules
1) No flame wars, no trolling and no spam. Remember, respect and dignity!!!
2) Keep posts on topic.
3) Pictures must be under 400x400, otherwise, put it behind a cut. More than one picture? Put it behind a cut. Long post is long? Put it behind a cut. Basically, we like lj-cuts.
4) Do NOT post sensitive company information, such as internal company phone numbers, personal information about employees, or any information deemed "private" or "internal use only". Would you like it if I posted your cell phone number? No? NO COMPANY SENSITIVE INFO. Posting such is a fast way to find yourself in ban town, population: YOU.
5) Do not offer to sell anything in the community unless you run it past the mods first.
6) If there's an applicable tag for your post, use it. Don't know what the tags are? Look to the right! They're right there on the community page. =)
7) Do not follow mods into their personal journals to discuss community business. Have a problem? Go to baristas_admin. Following us into our personal journals with community business is annoying and creepy. Don't do it.

Any post not adhering to the community rules is subject to deletion following a one hour warning/grace period. Trolling and name calling will result in a ban. Hate is not tolerated. Let's be nice, kiddies.

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